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Berrywood Farms began as a simple idea really – to be outside and enjoy the beauty of flowers. From that idea, a dream grew to use the joy of flowers to nourish others. My mother was a part of that dream. When she died, we decided to honor her, nourish this dream and go for it- adding our own touch. 

I have always had two green thumbs and been a lover of flowers, as a child making bouquets and floral potpourri with petals. Became a florist, and worked in flower shops and nurseries. Flowers make my heart happy. My husband was raised in a commercial beekeeping family and helped with the bees before he could swing a bat. He has been stung over a thousand times and still admires the honey bee’s work ethic and eats honey nearly every day. We’ve decided to bring our love for flowers, honey, bees, and nature all together on our farm. 

As our dream is now coming true, my husband and I celebrate the many healing blessings that come directly from nature with you. The holistic relationship between the flower, the bee, the honey, and us is a very special relationship that we look forward to sharing with you.