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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, all of our products can be conveniently shipped to your location.

You’re welcome to pick up your order at our location. If you’d like to arrange, reschedule or cancel a pickup, please call us at 209-628-7275. 

Our online product catalog is updated regularly. If you have a question about a specific item please contact us directly.
Our orders are shipped within 48-72 hours.
Our candles are produced right here on our farm with beeswax straight from the bees that produce our honey. Our honey is a pure American made product predominantly produced in the states of Utah and California and occasionally other Midwest states.
All of our flower products and services will be available starting in Spring 2024.
Yes, we will have a subscription flower service so you can regularly have beautiful, fresh flowers in your home or office.
At this time the farm is not open to the public.
Our pure honey is sourced from Alfalfa, Clover and Wildflower fields. There will be subtle natural flavor varieties but the flavor is naturally derived from the fields the bees collect pollen from- no artificial flavored honey. Our creamed honey is made by a process of whipping our all natural honey and mixing in natural ingredients. We have natural, pecan, and pumpkin spice flavors of creamed honey.